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Achieving Great Health - The Seven Components Of Great Health

How Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water Can Make You Healthier than You Have Ever Imagined In 90 Days or Less The Seven Components of Natural Health. With a Foreword by Peter Ragnar and Introduction by Dr. Gabriel Cousens View full cover Customer comments on this book: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book “Achieving Great Health”, and was relieved to know that there is someone who shares my beliefs about whey protein, meats, cheeses, and dairy in general.

"My friend, Bob McCauley, is one of those rare people. As a talk show interviewer he has asked the world's experts everything you ever wanted to know about health. After years of testing, using his own body as the laboratory and observing the results, Robert discovered the hidden formula. So, not only do you have a distillation of the Greatest Minds of Natural Healing, you have it in a simple form that you can use. Yes, you can Achieve Great Health in 90 days or less! I certainly, don't mean to imply that all these great teachers agree on every point. Even Robert and I have a minor difference or two. But, what is presented within these pages is so important to your personal health that it's vital for you to get started today.

I feel so strongly that you will Achieve Great Health by following my friend's advice that I jumped at the humbling opportunity to write this forward. Please, don't let another minute pass without making a decision to Achieve Great Health. With you in Achieving Great Health, Peter Ragnar Introduction Achieving Great Health in 90 Days or less is one of the most inspiring live food and health book primers that I have seen. Bob McCauley distinctly understands the mystery of creating optimal vibrant health. He shares it through the medium of his own experience, which is the real foundation of healing. He has isolated the fundamentals of health: becoming alkaline, raw foods, the use of super foods Spirulina and Chlorella, adequate hydration and ionized water, probiotics, exercise, and a positive mental attitude. The power of healing is about the broad strokes, rather than the details or obsessing about health.

This book is excellent for those making the transition into live foods. It helps people wake up into the practical reality of living a live food lifestyle. His discussion of live foods and the use of chlorella and Spirulina is one of the best I have seen. I personally also use the E3Live in addition to the other algae. The E3Live has the much needed long chain omega 3 DHA and EPA which is not available in the vegetarian world except for golden algae for DHA and purslane for EPA. It also stimulates stem cell production, and has an intensity of neurotransmitter precursors, which makes it particularly powerful for enhancing brain function.Bob has a wonderful way with words to present the issues people face when they choose to be healthy.

“Everyday when we awake, we do one of two things: improve our health or encourage disease.” The power of his health wisdom comes from his direct health experimentation over the years as well as from his role as a health talk show interviewer, which allowed him to tap into the wisdom of many of the worlds leading experts. With his background as a layperson, he as been able to beautifully distill this wisdom down into some simple principles that allow them to be grasped by the general public. The basic principle is that when we flow with nature and follow the natural laws the tendency toward disease will diminish.

According to Bob, optimal health is the point where the body is totally regenerating itself, each organ is functioning to capacity, and biological aging has stopped or reversed. Disease cannot take root in a vibrantly health body and mind. A high functioning body in which the energy is freely flowing creates the preconditions for the light of the Divine to awaken. I appreciate this book so much because he has summed up how to create high level wellness in one sentence and then simply, but eloquently takes the rest of the book to explain this one message. As he unfolds his message, we are treated to a delightful sharing of practical tips and insightful quotes that he has gathered over the years. He has simplified his approach into six components, which naturally detoxify and alkalize the body.

1. Hydrate the body 2. Introduce Spirulina and chlorella into your diet 3. Introduce probiotics 4. Introduce raw foods and build slowly until one reaches 100% raw 5. Daily exercise 6. Develop a positive mental attitude I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out on the journey to health and look forward to carrying it in our Awakened Living Shoppe at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. This book, like Bob McCauley, is a winner."