Our Promise

You matter. In this temporal plane, a lot falls out of our control. What goes into our bodies and how we manage our personal health isn’t one of them. You get to decide most of that. We cannot give you great health but we can give you the tools & the knowledge. We have a philosophy and 7 Components of Great Health so you can educate yourself and those who you care for, about what we believe. Which is the best and most natural way to take control of your health.

The body is The Temple of God, the brain is the command center, and the spirit is the divine mark that defines you. We are dedicated to helping you preserve all three. Our protocol addresses the most challenging chronic diseases people have battled for thousands of years, and our approach is simple- all disease starts in the gut. Our products are tools for you since we believe the body can cure itself of any disease.

Doctor Bob has books, blogs, videos, and consultations to help you with your journey to great health. Doctor Bob also does consultations both in person and virtual. To reiterate, we will not give you great health. You will give it to yourself. We will give you the tools and the knowledge and be here every step of the way.

Whole Body Wellness

The Body is The Temple of God. Its one of the core components of our philosophy. You honor the temple through clean eating, exercise, and keeping out toxic substances.

At The Watershed Wellness Center, we believe in holistic health and all-encompassing wellness not just for the body, but for the mind, and spirit. Most people come to us seeking aid for minor ailments of the body, and then discover that through our health protocol that they’re capable of more.

Through the miraculous properties of ionized water, our supplements, and health protocol, we can strengthen the body & sharpen the mind. Our spirits will thank us all the more for taking care of ourselves. The mainstream medical establishment would have us believe that we’re meant to start breaking down & slowly dying as early as 30, when we can preserve vitality for much longer!

Purely Made

Quality and sourcing are a problem today. We get it! We can assure you that all of our products are ethically sourced and made 100% Vegan to be fully sustainable, better for you, and better for the environment. Our various certifications ensure that Dr. Bob’s Naturals & Nature Built supplements are made without harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients, or grown and harvested in a toxic environment.

We intend to bring good healthy energy to you and your lifestyle and having good sources for food and supplements is vital for that objective. Purely natural. Purely made.

Custom Formulated

The Watershed produced some of the first unique combinations of chlorella and spirulina on the market. Dr. Bob has discussed it in many places in his blog, vlog, and books how spirulina and chlorella are not only the world’s most powerful super foods but compliment each other quite well.


This is not a secret nore is it new. However, in 2011 chlorella tablets combined with herbal combinations were added to the WWC product line, being some of the first on the market. Powerful flowers like Tribulus that boost testosterone, herbs like Holy Basil that are legendary for longevity, and spirulina it itself were combined with the superfood chlorella to get the benefits of both at once!

Aside from those convenient combos, multiple herbal formulas have been pioneered under the Dr. Bob’s Naturals Brand for detoxification, gut health, mental focus, fighting inflammation, and more!

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