The Cure In The Mirror - Nature's Protocol For Surviving Cancer

I have been working on this book for more than three years now. The reason I wrote it is that questions on cancer are the most common ones I get. Everyone either has cancer or they know somebody with cancer.

The chances of you getting cancer now are almost 50% within your lifetime. For years, I had a cancer protocol that I would give people just so they could have something. Then I decided to finally finish my book and let people know how they can cure themselves naturally of the emperor of all diseases, cancer. The first half of the book discusses the shortcomings of the medical establishment and their arrogance at believing they can cure any disease let alone the most serious disease, cancer. They do not even understand what cancer really is. For more than a century they believe in the Warburg effect, the theory that cancer eats the body.

This theory was recently proven to be 100% false, the exact opposite of what they thought. If you cannot understand the source of a disease then you will never be able to determine its cure. The second half of my book is my cancer protocol which details exactly what you need to do to cure yourself of any disease, including cancer. You start by cleansing the digestive tract in blood, disinfecting both of them. Then we introduce probiotics, the friendly bacteria. Read all the details in my new book, the cure in the mirror.