AQ/EC/SP Water Ionizer Replacement Filter - Filter K

Filter K - Open: Not Glued Shut - Can be Opened


1.) Blue Case can be opened for Replacement Cartridges ($49.95)

2.) Blue Case glued shut, cannot be opened, throw away and replace with entire Filter ($39.95)


Fits all Water Ionizers Models EC, AQ, SP.

Besides being a much more environmentally friendly product, the price has come down dramatically because all that is required now is to replace two cartridges instead of throwing everything into the garbage as has always been the case in the past.

First Cartridge: 1 Micron Nano Zinc Polypropylene filter. The Nano Zinc filter removes bigger particles and dust along with inhibiting bacteria growth. This is patented process and therefore the only one like it market. We recommend changing the cartridges every 5 - 7 months Second Cartridge: Filter cartridge with Carbon and KDF (GAC 120g+ KDF - 20g)

AQ/EC/SP Series Replacement Filter with Replacement Cartridges

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