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Aquatonic AQ700 Alkaline Water Ionizer

  • The most recent addition to the cutting-edge line of Water Ionizers manufactured in Taiwan.
  • A cut above the rest using the most up-to-date technology with a contemporary yet classic design.
  •  An elegant, sleek style to suit your modern lifestyle and today's kitchen.
  • Produces clean, quality alkaline ionized water for your everyday health & hydration.
  • Filters out chlorine and sediment even without a house/apartment filter.

Physician Formulated Non GMO No Dairy Egg Free Gluten Free Soy Free No Artificial Sweeteners Grass Fred Keto Paleo GMP Compliant

Alkaline Ionized water is a key part of our protocol for achieving great health!


Ionized Water

The best sort of water imaginable. Our bodies are naturally negatively charged, and so is ionized alkaline water. Many people are under the impression that they’re drinking good water when it’s purified through reverse osmosis. This is not so. Minerals will be sapped from the body when consuming water that has had its minerals purged. Aside from recommending mineral/spring water above reverse osmosis, we take it a step further. The ideal water for the human body should be slightly alkaline, and this requires the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. 


H.A.D.   If we want to be healthy, we mustHydrate,Alkalize, andDetoxify (HAD) our body and mind, creating an environment of health within ourselves. Ionized Water is an antioxidant produced by electrolysis that Hydrates, Alkalizes, and Detoxifies the body when consumed.  Ionized Water is the healthiest substance we can put in the body because there is nothing better for us than water, and there is no better water than ionized water.  The most common cause of disease is that people don’t drink enough water, which leads to chronic cellular dehydration, where the body’s cells are unable to function to their capacity and serve the body as they are meant to. 

The Ionization Process

Making ionized water is an interesting, unique process. Put simply, the water enters into the Water Ionizer through a faucet. The water passes through a filter removing chlorine, and sediments, the positive and negative ions in the water are then separated and exist for only a moment before the ions once again merge with the water. Coming out of the two hoses, they will leave the ionizer separately in two different water streams. One acidic & one alkaline. Acidic water is good for cleaning and treating the skin. This video explains the process in greater detail.


Ionized Alkaline Water vs. Water Distilled Through Reverse Osmosis 

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the best water. Even before discovering ionized water at the Watershed in the late 90s, we insisted on selling and drinkingmineralwater. This is because water distilled through reverse osmosis doesNOTbelong in the body. Nature will correct itself, and water that has had minerals removed will leach them from your body, and then leave the body later on through urination.Because of its extreme purity, purified water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, which makes it acidic and even more aggressive at dissolving the alkaline substances it comes in contact with. Even if it were ionized after it was distilled, it's still a problem because of the mineral leaching. The only good use for it, frankly, would be washing inanimate objects like a car.

Ionized Alkaline water is the opposite. If quality mineral water is sent through the ionizer, it will filter out the unwanted components (chlorine, sediments) and then give you water even more hydrating & and alkalizing, which is what the body needs. The more alkaline the body, the better overall healthy you’ll be. Doctor Bob haswritten extensive material on the subject.

Ionized Alkaline Water vs. Ionized Acidic Water

Since the positive and negative ions get separated in the ionizer, the positive ions have to go somewhere making Ionized Acidic Water. The negative ions will make the more high PH Ionized Alkaline Water that belongs in your body.

They come out of two separate hoses, and which water comes out of which can be switched.

Ionized Acidic water is lower PH and is quite good for the skin which has a lower PH compared to other bodily organs. Ionized Acidic Water is great for fighting wrinkles and cleaning cuts/wounds as it fights bacteria.

How To Use The Aquaotnic AQ700 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Installing an ionizer to sit on your countertop is a fairly straightforward process. 

With little variation, most can be installed through the procedure in this video with little more than a pair of pliers and a boxer cutter/scissors. However, you should always follow the instruction manual for your specific unit.

Who Benefits From Ionized Water?

Virtually everyone! From the day that they’re born, even a baby will benefit from a great start in life by eating spirulina!

Top 7 health benefits of The Aquaotnic AQ700 Alkaline Water Ionizer/Ionized Water

  1. The most hydrating type of water at your finger types in your own home/workplace.
  2. Food tastes better when cooked or prepared with Ionized water
  3. Acidic Ionized Water helps to prevent wrinkles
  4. Alkalizes the body
  5. Provides an overall better taste, especially if you already have a good water source.
  6. The ionizer on its own filters out chlorine & sediments even without a prefilter.
  7. Ionized Acidic water helps to treat wounds, & cuts on the skin.

Suggested Use: All adults should drink at minimum 1 gallon a day of water. 2 gallons a day is ideal.

Contents: Aquaotnic AQ700 Alkaline Water Ionizer, 3’ of rubber hose, filter, silver hose to disperse water.

Warning: Keep clear of dangerous electrical hazards. If installing an ionizer under the sink, we recommend enlisting the help of a professional. 


What is Ionized Water?

Simply put, ionized water is water that has had its negative and positive ions split from one another and reintroduced into their own separate water streams. Each stream has its own application, and as a result. The alkaline side of ionized water is more hydrating.

What time of day should I drink Ionized Alkaline Water, and how much should I drink?

A nice tall glass of Alkaline Ionized water should be drunk first thing after waking up. It's when the body is a lot more dehydrated. We recommend that all adults drink a minimum of one gallon of water each day, whether they’re active or not. Two gallons a day is ideal, and perhaps more if you do labor-intensive work or are an athlete.

How long should I drink Ionized Alkaline Water?

Any time of the day. We recommend people consume it for the rest of their lives to be frank.

Is it safe for my child to drink Ionized Alkaline Water?

Of course, it is! Water is vital to life, and ionized water is a part of having the best start in life.

Is Ionized Alkaline Water okay to take while pregnant or nursing?

Yes. In fact, the water will only strengthen and embolden the mother’s vitality.

Why are there both Ionized Alkaline Water &Ionized Acidic Water?

When going through the ionization process, both the positive and negative ions have to go somewhere, so they’re sent into their own separate streams of water when leaving the unit. Though we mainly think of the alkaline water to drink and alkalize the body, there is one organ that has a naturally lower PH than the rest, which the ionized acidic water is very good for. That organ is the skin. Having both is very helpful in preserving the body both inside and out.

Why should I stay away from water distilled through reverse osmosis (purified water)?

Simply put, water that has gone through the RO process (reverse osmosis) will leach your bodily minerals if you drink it. Purity doesn’t always mean good, and the RO water is so pure that it's devoid of minerals. This isn’t found anywhere in nature, and nature will correct these sorts of things. Since the water is devoid of minerals, drinking it is a guaranteed way to have minerals sapped from the body and expelled through urination or sweating.

RO water serves almost no purpose to a person. The two exceptions to this rule areangstrom minerals, in which atomized minerals are stored until one consumes them, anddissolve bioactive silicate, which is best used with purified water. But in these two cases, you’re receiving minerals which is the problem that RO water normally causes.

Otherwise, it's useful for practical applications such as washing a car where you don’t want minerals to stay on the windshield.

There are multiple water PH settings on my unit. Why and which is the best/most ideal?

Why should I buy from you?

I myself have been skeptical of conventional medicine for decades. I understand the hesitancy to trust someone new with your health. 

However, as a naturopathic doctor with multiple books describing our health philosophy, I have spent over three decades of my professional life dedicated to empowering people just like you to take back their health.

Nothing is more important to me than helping you achieve optimal health, and I’ve done so by offering you my expert knowledge on this website.

If you’d like to read more about exactly who I am & why you should trust me with your journey to achieve great health, then please visit my blog here!