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Coral Calcium (16 Oz. Bottle)

Coral Calcium - (16 oz. bottle)







 Used to reduce stomach upset and promotes digestive tract support.



 Works with calcium to form strong, healthy bones. Balances hormones. Immune system support and nervous system support.



 Relaxes muscles, including those of the digestive system.  Builds bones, neutralizes acidity, and cleanses the cells and bloodstream. Works together with magnesium to strengthen the heart. Promotes nervous system support and blood stability.



 Works with the pancreas to promote blood stability. Helps build muscle and metabolize calories properly.  Eating excessive amounts of refined sugar depletes chromium levels significantly.  Second most prevalent mineral deficiency after magnesium. 



  Helps control body odor and bad breath.  Required by the teeth, skin, and acne treatment. Provides immune system support and nervous system support.



 Provides lymphatic system support and immune system support. Essential for iron metabolism, producing hair pigment and reversing gray hair.



  Protects the nucleus of the cell from attack. Required for proper digestion. Promotes joint support. Increases oxygen in the body. 



  Nervous system support and brain system support.  Associated with intelligence and nucleic acid formation, a key to longevity. Promotes endocrine system support, protects the DNA from free radical damage to the cell’s nuclei and promotes immune system support.

  Regulates sleep patterns, increases lucid dreaming. Take gold in the evening for calming.



  Brain support.



  Promotes white blood cell production and provides metabolism support. Highest frequency of all of the body’s required minerals.  Necessary for skin, teeth and nail health.



  Provides blood support. Helps fight fatigue. Women often require more than men due to menstrual cycle blood depletion.   


  Required for dental health.



  Promotes mood stability.  Required for the production of neurons. 



  Heart support, relaxes muscles, helps build strong bones, helps improve peristalsis, increases flexibility, prevents muscle cramps, increases alkalinity, helps with fatigue and helps with concentration.

  Opens elimination pathways in the body.  Required for tooth maintenance. 



  Brain support, especially the memory.  Increases oxygenation of the blood. Works with selenium to expel harmful fats from the body.



  Liver support and aids in cleansing the body. Maintains the body’s youthfulness.



  Promotes prostate support and cellular growth.



  Immune system support and brain support.

  Best taken in the morning as an energizer; take gold in the evening.



  Known as the “Great Alkalizer”. Required by the muscles, heart, brain and nerves. Provides blood support.



 Protects the nucleus of the cell from free radical damage. Provides immune system support, thyroid support and aids in cleansing the body.



  Promotes flexibility, bone growth, supports the nervous system, sleep regulation, bladder and liver support.



 Supports the nervous system and supports blood health.



  Required for muscle movement.  Maintains osmotic pressure inside each cell, bodily fluid balance and acid-base balance.  Required for nerve health and stomach acid (HCL) production.



  Referred to as the “beauty mineral”.  Required for the skin, hair and nails. Supports the liver and pancreas.

  Potentiates all other minerals allowing them to be absorbed and utilized more efficiently by creating permeability in the tissue.  Increases flexibility, helps repair wrinkles and skin damage and scarring.



  Brain support. Required for hair formation. Helps with the prevention of hair loss. 



  Works with chromium to support the pancreas and circulatory system. Promotes blood support.