Dissolve BioActive Silicate 2oz Dropper Bottle

Dr. Bob’s Dissolve: BioActive Silicate

  •  Helps with Human Growth
  •  Helps with Hair Health!
  •  Assists with Bone and Tendon Formation
  •  Promotes Joint Flexibility
  • Alkalizes the body

Physician Formulated Non GMO No Dairy Egg Free Gluten Free Soy Free No Artificial Sweeteners Grass Fred Keto Paleo GMP Compliant

Dissolve: BioActive Silicate

Like all minerals, silicon is essential. Bioactive Silicate is actually different because it's a crystalline form of silicon which makes it active as opposed to inert.

Dr. Bob’s Dissolve: BioActive Silicate (DBAS)

Silicon, like many minerals, is essential in our bodies. The problem is that it's normally inert.

Dissolve – BioActive Silicate (DBAS) is the biologically active crystalline form of silicon, an essential mineral required for human growth, including hair, bone and tendon formation. DBAS is a unique form of silicon that promotes joint flexibility, tissue repair, skin health and wrinkle prevention. Its antimicrobial qualities attack biofilm and nano-bacterial growth within the body. DBAS helps displace unwanted and unneeded substances (toxins) from the body, while at the same time helping to alkalize it.

DBAS Used to Combat Nano Bacteria

Assists with Human Growth!

Whether you have a newborn infant, a teenager competing in sports, or an elderly person looking to regain some of their vitality BioActive Silicate helps with human growth at any age!

How To Take BioActive Silicate 

Dilute 5 – 9 drops of DBAS per 6 ounces of purified water (distilled or reverse osmosis) per day. Do not exceed 30 drops per day. Do not directly consume the concentrate. Always dilute with water, purified water if possible and consume orally. 

Use the same dilution topically for pimples, cuts, scrapes or sunburn.

Who Benefits From Using BioActive Silicate?

BioActive Silicate minerals are great for anyone who:

Wants to repair tissue damage, prevent wrinkles, alkalize & detox the body, and promote positive growth in general at any stage in life.

Top 7 health benefits of Dissolve: BioActive Silicate

  •  Good for human growth
  •  Promotes healthy hair
  •  Helps with bone and tendon formation.
  •  Joint support
  •  Muscle and tissue support
  •  Promotes skin health 
  •  Cleanses the body

Suggested Use: Dissolve5 – 9 drops of DBAS per 6 ounces of purified water (distilled or reverse osmosis) per day. Do not exceed 30 drops per day. 

Contents: 2oz

Warning: Store away from heat and moisture.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, GMOs, or yeast.


What is Bioactive Silicate?

Silicon is a mineral vital to the body. It's been called a beautifying mineral with ample health benefits associated with it. Not only does it help to strengthen connective tissues and bones but it’s also useful for the skin, nails, and hair! Bioactive Silicate is an ACTIVE form of silicon.

What are the benefits of Bioactive Silicate as opposed to standard Silicon?

Silicon is a vital mineral, but on its own it is inert. Bioactive Silicate is the biologically active crystalline form of silicon. It will grow crystals on its own if put on a smooth surface. It's almost as if it were “alive!” Being in crystallite form allows us to reap even GREATER benefits from silicon.

What time of day should I take the Bioactive Silicate?

Bioactive silicate is best taken in the morning and in the evening. It helps to support restful sleep!

How long should I take Bioactive Silicate?

Bioactive silicate can be used indefinitely for the best results. 

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