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Dr. Bob’s Serrap150 (Highly Potent Serrapeptase)

Dr. Bob’s Serrap150 (Highly Potent Serrapeptase)

  • 150,000 active enzyme units (SPUs) of enteric-coated Serrapeptase, a systemic enzyme produced through fermentation.
  • Respiratory, sinus health, muscle, joint  & tissue support.
  • Aid for women with painful menstrual cycles.

Physician Formulated Non GMO No Dairy Egg Free Gluten Free Soy Free No Artificial Sweeteners Grass Fred Keto Paleo GMP Compliant

Serrapeptase is one of the world’s most well-known systemic enzymes. Meaning it does its work in the body. Due to its enteric coating, it can survive acidic environments like the stomach, get deep into the lower intestines, and do its work!

Serrap150 Capsules

The enteric coating allows these sensitive enzymes to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, thus allowing them to get into the lower digestive tract. 

This results in improved health features like increased oxygen levels, better muscle recovery, and joint support!

Alleviate Painful Menstrual Cycles With Serrap150

Digestion in a woman’s body slows an average of 35% during her menstrual cycle, 

Serrapeptase is designed to reduce cramping and bloating during the menstrual cycle.

How To Take Dr. Bob’s Serrap150 Capsules

You can take Serrap150 capsules by mouth with a glass of water or other healthy drink like tea, fresh juice, etc. This enzyme MUST BE TAKEN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH TO WORK. Wait a minimum of 2 hours before eating again after taking it.

Top 4 health benefits of Dr. Bob’s Serrap150 Capsules

  1. Fortifies digestive tract
  2. Respiratory, sinus health, muscle, joint  & tissue support.
  3. Reduce the intensity of painful menstrual cycles
  4. Reduces bloating

Suggested Use: Take 2 - 3 capsules with water ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. The enzymes will NOT work unless the stomach is empty. Wait 2 hours minimum before taking any food.

Warning: Store away from heat and moisture.